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Thank you so much for all of your support this year. I love the deck garden and it gives me such a sense of peace. It really has helped me through this transition.

Marilyn – Mill Valley

Bay Area Landscaping San Francisco

“I enjoy creating vibrant landscapes and gardens.  Each landscape I construct is unique, reflecting a client’s historical connection to art and nature, the architecture of the house, and the natural ecology of the site.

I translate these elements into beautiful landscapes, reflective of each clients needs. Rock, water, plants, wood, paths, seating areas, walls are woven into a unique tapestry of form, texture, light color, scent, sound, movement and stillness. 

In our gardens and landscapes, the clients will experience a sense of place for themselves. From minimalist design, zeroscape, to formal, tropical, Mediterranean, fantasy, we will build an outdoor sanctuary for you.”


                                                                                                                                                  – Carolyn Atherton


Carolyn Atherton Gardens offers personalized Bay Area landscaping services. We specialize in residential garden construction and house garden landscape, having years of professional experience and a practical working knowledge on dealing with various types of terrain and working with any climatic niche. We make the best of every situation in creating designed gardens. Our knowledge and experience in San Francisco garden and landscape construction makes us the right people to call if you need help in garden & landscape installation and maintenance.


From minimalist designs and zeroscape to formal, tropical, Mediterranean, Japanese landscape gardens, and fantasy garden & landscape, we are here to build an outdoor sanctuary for you.


With a passion for nature and love for the art involved in designing landscape and gardens, we always look forward to a new challenge to transform an neglected outdoor space into meaningful landscapes while taking into consideration our every client’s needs, budget, and lifestyle. 


Carolyn Atherton Gardens has created countless beautiful gardens in different styles for a very diverse clientele over the past decades.


Carolyn’s passion and natural talent in landscaping, garden construction, and design, as well as her leadership, have not gone unnoticed, with several of her creations having been granted awards and recognition by prestigious garden & landscape publications and private institutions.